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Matrimonial and Family Law

This is one of the main practice areas of the firm. We cover a wide range of matters including divorce, maintenance, child custody, international abduction, mental-capacity related applications, drafting nuptial agreements, annulment and adoption.


We have extensive litigation experience with high networth divorce matters, highly contested child custody matters (e.g. cross-border abductions), divorces with cross-border jurisdictional issues and even disputed mental-capacity related applications.


Nevertheless, a key tenet of how we practice law is to encourage parties to reach an out of court settlement to save costs, time and reduce acrimony. In this respect, our Managing Partner is also an accredited Associate Mediator with Singapore Mediation Centre and able to provide mediation services

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Probate and Administration

This is also one of the main practice areas of the firm. We have extensive experience in handling complex estate-related matters (both contested and uncontested). This includes resealing of foreign grant of probate/letters of administration, disputes relating to execution/administration of estate and even muslim estates.

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Another key practice area of the firm. We are able to assist family and family businesses with inheritance and succession planning. This includes drafting of Wills, Trusts and Lasting Power of Attorneys. Our partner is also an accredited Professional Deputy / Donee and may be appointed as a Deputy / Donee if required or necessary.

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Civil and Commercial 

Civil & Commercial

We have experience and are able to provide legal assistance for civil and commercial disputes including the following areas:


  • Breach of contract and commercial transactions

  • Debt recovery

  • Employment disputes

  • Landlord and tenant disputes

  • Reviewing and drafting of commercial and employment contracts

  • General litigation

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